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Fairways Primary Schools, Kireka is a private mixed school. The school has two sections i.e pre-school and Primary school. Our children excel in National exams with only first grades and we are proud of this.


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Fairways School Trips


There is no doubt to the fact that our educational trips are designed to effectively enhance student learning and they provide support for students to explore in a personally meaningful way. It gives children educational experiences away from their regular school environment. Its important for parents to note that learning and development occur when children interact with the environment and people around them.

In the past, trips have been undertaken to places around Kampala and remarkable sites such as Entebbe international AirPort, where children have always benefited from the experience of enjoying the total package derived from air transport. In 2019 our schools, through the help of our dear parents, managed to visit the Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC) in Entebbe where they had a chance to associate with the wildlife and learn about the conservation of these species.

As a school policy, we continue to commit to more study trips throughout the year.


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Fairways Primary Schools, Kireka,
Located in Kireka Ward Parish, Namugongo Division Subcounty, Wakiso District, Uganda.
Email: fairways@sirapollokaggwaschols.com


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  • My Three Children have all passed through Sir Apollo Kaggwa Schools.  I am glad to report that it was an opportunity of a life time. (more…)

    Maurine K, Parent