IAM SUUBI Martin the current president of Fairways Primary school –Kireka. I am deputized by Hon Ageno Abigail. We are 22 members as the prefectural body in Fairways.

We monitor and check on the following issues;
The core of the issues is academics where we liaise with our teachers to see to it that the academic routine is carried out appropriately. In academic we monitor morning work which keeps pupils who arrive early busy as they await the official time, lunch hour to remind us of the already learnt content , to mention a few.

We are all around in that we go ahead to look at the general welfare as another priory, in this we monitor the meals right from storage to servicing, quality and quantity is our main concern I this area.

Proper sanitation gives good health, we again take this area very vial and our major areas of concern are the kitchen and utensils, the classrooms, the loos and the outside compound.

We thank God for our Directors and Management for setting up fairways in a way that it caters for all religious denominations, on this note we are able to leave the primary level when we are both academically and religiously competent.

Our school also looks at enabling pupils’ explore their talents through the co-curricular activities such as clubs and games and sports.

Allow me sum up by encouraging you all to join Fairways Primary School-kireka where your child is guaranteed a first grade.

I remain