As part of the co-curricular activities of the school, all our pupils are expected to join and participate in not less than two of the clubs and societies existing in the school.

Interested pupils are advised to fill in the record declaration form and attach a commitment letter picked from the Headmaster’s office and ensure that it is duly signed by you and your parent/guardian on return

At Fairways Primary School, Kireka, we believe extra-curricular activities play a very important part of the school day. We therefore offer a variety of clubs for our children to join and enjoy both before and after school. In addition, many of our children also learn a musical instrument.

Once the children have joined a club they are expected to attend regularly. If they wish to leave a club, then a written note from a parent/carer must be handed to the teacher in charge. Some of the clubs only run at certain times of the year. Please see the teacher in charge for more details.

School Clubs and activities are another way to nurture children’s social skills. They provide opportunities and experiences that are beneficial to students’ development and awareness.

This helps students to feel the gratification of helping others and also being apart of something accomplished. Also helping in school clubs helps set a good example to other students thus making them want to contribute too to the school and society.